Dolly Rebecca Parton

Born January 19th a couple of years ago 😉
in Pigeon Forge, Sevier County, Tennessee.Well, there used to be a copy of some
web profile of Dolly’s here,
but I decided it just doesn’t say it all.
you can read the stats elsewhere,
but I want to tell you why Ilove Dolly.There is the fact that she is an amazing performer…
no special effects, no fireworks, no fanfair,
just singing, playing a buck-load of instruments and energy…but that isn’t the only reason.There is the fact that she has copyrightrd over 3,000 songs so far,
Has probably written a couple throusand more,
Has been inducted into:
Songwriters Hall of Fame
Country Music Hall of Fame
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
and a few other “halls”
Won multiple CMA’s, Grammies and an Oscar
(For a full list of Awards click here)That’s admirable, to be sure, but that isn’t all of it either.

She’s also a brilliant business woman, owning a record company,
her own Theme Park: Dollywood, and a chain of restaurants
“Dixie Stampede” Along with quite a few other ventures

That’s impressive, but still, not quite the reason she is my rolemodel

What of her philanthropy, the numerous charities she supports,
and the ones she created herself? (Rainbow Foundation)

Yes, all that and more…

It’s all of the above combined with the fact
that she is a woman of rare heart,
unique as the moon – and as versatile.
brilliant as the sun,
with the voice of an angel, and the figure of a devil.
she is honest, and funny, and warm and REAL.
rarities in todays world.
for all these and more I dedicate this page
to the unstoppable, incomparable
Ms. Dolly Parton…

I think “Country Weekly” put it best on the
“25 sexiest country stars” issue:
“Dolly’s a multi talented performer who pulls off the
impossible: capturing sexual allure and angelic purity
in the same well endowed public persona.
There’s nothing ‘9 to 5’ about her sex appeal;
it’s timeless.”

You can try to get Dolly’s book, which is highly entertaining,
as well as honest and informative:
“My Life and Other Unfinished Business”

Dolly Links!
Some excellent sites for Dolly news and information:
Dolly’s Official Website

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